From our beautiful flight attendants to our busy operations managers, PRIMA is a team of professionals whose background exceed any expectations and even the most strict requirements. Every member of our company has undergone extensive training and can cope with the most difficult assignment proving that work goes with a swing under the master's hand.

We have developed our own multi-stage recruitment system to search and hire only top of the line specialists. This in-house procedure gives us an opportunity to say that PRIMA possesses one of the best employees in the business.

Our pilots who have long-term work record in civil and executive aviation go through regular training to keep their skills and knowledge up to date. PRIMA's operations department is quite possibly one of the fastest and most accountable group of flight dispatchers which contributes to minimal holding time between the request confirmation and the actual flight. Our air hostess will take care of every passenger request creating the atmosphere of unmatched comfort and warmth.

PRIMA fosters a united and effective workplace that encourages our employees to perform duties beyond their powers while staying constantly motivated.