PRIMA always follows the principle 'Safety above everything'. This motto defines our attitude towards the service we provide. If you choose to fly with us, you can be entirely sure that every safety standard set by the industry regulators is met, and, what is more important, embraced and rendered absolute.

Commencing from the aircraft we operate and concluding with the pilots we hire, PRIMA continually shows persistence in bringing the safest air travel experience to our clients.

Our Operations Department oversees crew duty time, regulates and organizes regular aircraft maintenance, and checks airworthiness. PRIMA's state-of-the-art inner telecommunication system guarantees that crews will be able to connect to the Engineering Department in case of a malfunction or a mere suspicion of a breakdown. Last but not the least, our masterful engineers execute constant stability checks to prefigure possible problematic situations and promptly inform other departments to amend ongoing and future operations.

Safety is more than a necessity. It is a fundamental rule.