We are the new milestone in air travel solutions for the privileged. As our name suggests, PRIMA is a leading executive charter provider with an exceptional team of industry experts who have accumulated years of experience in the business aviation as well as in the premium segment of tertiary sector. The key principles that comprise our philosophy and agenda are:

  • Personalization – because we offer a truly unique and individual experience;
  • Responsibility – as we take full liability for every aspect of our service;
  • Ingenuity – because our competent and skilled personnel is ready for the most daring tasks;
  • Motivation – given that every flight request is both a challenge and a reward;
  • Accuracy – since we value our customers' safety, time and confidentiality.

Always looking ahead of time, PRIMA brings its expertise to help with the leisure and business travel needs of the most demanding and sophisticated clients. Whether you want to spend a weekend on a remote atoll in the Maldives or participate in urgent negotiations in Beijing, PRIMA is able to deliver the top-class service when such need arises.

Our capabilities go beyond choosing the right aircraft for your flight request. We will make every endeavor to ensure the best possible travel experience the moment you address your desire to us. Our team of professionals will make sure that your journey will be enjoyable as well as efficient. When it comes to arranging our clients' voyages, their comfort, time and privacy are our top priorities.

PRIMA recognizes the true value of urgency and privateness, so we provide immediate flight services whatever the purpose and keep our relationships with the customers in strict confidence.