Owning an aircraft is not an easy task. Some may even call it a travail, with all the operational tedium and financial pitfalls. If you are looking for an experienced and trustworthy company to take on the duty of managing your aircraft, look no further than PRIMA.

With years of successful private jet operations, our aircraft management department operatives can hire the best crews, reduce the cost of aircraft insurance, and optimize the overall economic worthiness of your airplane by making it available for broker charter.

Whatever the size, type or manufacturer, your aircraft will be always ready to fly wherever your desires or necessities ask you to go.

PRIMA Aircraft Management Benefits:

  • San Marino AOC;
  • extensive full range and ready-for-use management programs;
  • 24/7 Customer Service speaking your language;
  • individual approach to price offers;
  • complete control over operational and commercial use of the aircraft;
  • business transparency;
  • excellent relations with the world's biggest airplane manufacturers;
  • superlative standards of aviation safety and thorough compliance with technical, legal and commercial regulations;
  • regular (monthly and annual) financial reports detailing aircraft operational expenses;
  • competent cost estimates with average hourly charges;
  • thorough crew recruitment system;
  • regular simulator and classroom training for pilots and professional courses for cabin attendants.

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